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Local, State or Nationwide Paging Service, Made Simple

Pagers from All Page

Local, State or Nationwide paging, be it… numeric, alphanumeric pagers!

Voice Mail Message Retrieval Instructions

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You will be prompted through all steps.
If you need help at anytime, just press the [*] key.

Your initial access code is “The Last Four Digits of your Pager Capcode”.
The Capcode is found on the back of your pager.

To Enter Your Mailbox

  1. Phone your pager number.
  2. During the greeting, enter a [0]. Some Paging Terminals require you press the [ * ] Star Key. Try both to see which works.
  3. Enter your access code.
  4. Enter the appropriate commands and follow the prompts.

Change Password

  • [17] Transfer to
  • Change Access Code Mode
  • [3] Then enter new 4 digit security code
  • (DO NOT use “1” 0r “0” to begin code)
  • [#] Hang up

Message Retrieval

  • [2] Delete last message
  • [3] Play newest to oldest
  • [4] Play oldest to newest
  • [5] Replay same message
  • [7] Play Time and Date Message Recorded

Record Greeting Message

  • [11] Transfer to Greeting Mode
  • [30] Starts Recording
  • [1] Stops Recording
    (press as soon as you stop recording)
  • [40] Playback of Recording
  • [10] To transfer back to voice mailbox mode or [#] and hang up to disconnect

If you have any problems or questions call All Page 281-847-0000