Send Text Messages To Your Alphanumeric Pager Users, Either By Software or Here At All Page

True Connectivity With Computer Software

True connectivity for your busy life begins with linking messages between your pager and computer. Now, through text messaging solutions available at All Page, you can make connecting all aspects of your personal or professional life simple.

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Introducing Software Solutions for Your Busy Life

When it comes to keeping your life organized, your pager can be an essential tool for maintaining order. But, what happens if you need to connect your computer and pager to keep things even more organized in your personal or professional life? The solution is simple when you turn to software or email client programs to bridge the gap between your different systems.

Introducing InfoRad Computer Software

When you take advantage of InfoRad Computer Software, you can send messages to your alphanumeric pager or cell phone with ease. And, when you choose InfoRad, you can maintain a list of names of frequent messaging contacts, allowing you to send a message to one or several contacts all at once. Once you've done this, messages are sent instantly via either a modem or Internet connection. The best part? InfoRad maintains a log of all messages, providing proof of sending.

By clicking this InfoRad link InfoRad you can explore all of these computer software products or download a free, 30-day demo.

Email Messaging Solutions

You can also send text messages from email client programs like Microsoft Outlook. All you have to do is send the message as a regular text message, not in HTML format. Then, for the email address, you will send the message to the pager or cellular telephone number of the recipient, including the area code. Use the paging or cellular company's texting address after the @ sign. As a quick example, you can use the format here: for an All Page Customer.

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