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We understand you have questions and at All Page, we have answers. View our frequently asked questions below and see how All Page can transform the quality and service you expect from your pager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A wireless paging system is beneficial for many reasons, but when you choose an All Page pager, you will have access to even more benefits, including:

  • Freedom – Carrying a pager offers you expansive freedom, as you can leave your home or office at any time knowing that if there as an emergency or someone needs to get in contact with you, they can.
  • Reduced Stress – Urgent requests, missed calls, and changed appointments can cause stress and irritation. However, when you choose Unication pager and All Page's reliable, expansive network, you can avoid this unnecessary stress for good.
  • Improved Productivity – Pagers reduce waste and enhance productivity through their ability to save travel expenses and most importantly, wasted time. Problem solving with an All Page pager makes productivity a breeze.
  • Increased Competitive Edge – Pagers keep you one step ahead of others in today's competitive business world. They provide the vital link with customers and allow you to provide the exceptional customer service you want to, even when you're away from the phone or voicemail.
  • Peace of Mind – By providing immediate contact, pagers can provide peace of mind for parents who are worried about their children. Additionally, pagers can be essential for those who are chronically ill and need to be reminded to take certain medications.

All Page has been providing business, government, medical and consumer pagers to countless customers since 1988. Based in Houston, Texas, our expansive network allows us to serve 1,200 cities to meet local, state and national needs throughout the United States.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to our clients far beyond their pager purchase. We offer after sale pager repair and replacement, allowing us to continuously meet the needs of our clients as they continue to use our service.

Thanks to our expansive, reliable network, All Page is able to provide paging services in over 1,200 cities throughout the United States. And, thanks to our quality, you can use your pager in your car, at your office, on the water, or in buildings that often struggle to maintain cell phone coverage.

We offer a wide range of pagers and services to meet the needs of all of our customers, including:

  • Numeric Pagers
  • Alphanumeric Pagers
  • Text Messaging Services

Unlike many of our competitors, most of our pagers are new, come ready for use and cost significantly less than other options in the market today.

All Page offers leased pagers to established businesses only. Please contact us at 800-777-7182 or 281-847-0000 between 9AM and 5PM CST for pricing.

Typically, your order will ship USPS Priority Mail on the same day as you order it. Average delivery time varies depending on your location. However, we use USPS due to its quick delivery time of One to Three Days in contrast to other carriers.

At All Page, you can take advantage of our excellent customer service by emailing us directly at or by calling us at 800-777-7182 or 281-847-0000 from Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 5PM CST.

If you ever need to contact All Page, our information is as follows:

All Page of Houston, Inc.

  • 21500 Cypresswood Drive, #16103
  • Cypress, Texas 77433-6404
  • Phone: 800-777-7182 or 281-847-0000
  • Email:

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