Unication NP88 Numeric Pager

Local, State or Nationwide paging, be it... numeric, alphanumeric pagers!

Unication NP88 Numeric Pager

Unication NP88 Numeric Pager

Recommending the New NP88 Numeric Pager – Fast, Efficient and Ready to Go

As the most affordable and commonly used type of pagers, numeric versions receive and display phone numbers.

The NP88 numeric pager, from Unication is compact, lightweight, inexpensive, and the best choice when you need a reliable pager. It even features a backlit display.

Built for today's life style, the NP88 numeric pager is rugged yet stylish and integrates well with your day-to-day activities. You’ll get more done with it, no doubt.

It is rugged and built to take anything you throw at it - better than any other new pager on the market today. Plus, the numeric pager feels great to the touch.

The NP88 numeric pager is well on its way to replacing all existing Motorola numeric pagers. (Note: Motorola discontinued making pagers in 2000. Any Motorola Pagers you see for sale are old and refurbished.) Repair parts are becoming very difficult to obtain for Motorola. Protect you investment and purchase new pagers.

It's easy, affordable and ready to go. With numeric messaging from All Page, you are in touch.

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Numeric Pager Airtime Coverage / Price
Local Cover a local Metro area $12.95
Statewide Cover a Statewide area $17.95
Nationwide Nationwide Coverage $34.95
  • Unlimited messaages.
  • 200 messages included with Nationwide Coverage.
  • Above airtime and options pricing are monthly rates.
  • Airtime is billed quarterly in advance after the first month.

You May Add One Of Two Voice Mail Options
MP2 Save up to 10 messages of up to 45 seconds for up to 24 hours $3.00
MP1 Save up to 15 messages of up to 60 seconds for up to 72 hours $4.00
  • Above airtime and options pricing are monthly rates.
  • Airtime is billed quarterly in advance.

800 Number
  • Decide if you want a local or 800 toll free number for people to call you.
  • The 800 number is $12.00 additional. 200 Calls per month included.
  • 30 cents per call over 200 calls.

Pagers must be purchased with Airtime Service
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Purchase A Brand New NP88 Numeric Pager for Just $39.00

Unication NP88 $39.00

Local Coverage $12.95 per month:
State Coverage $18.95 per month:
Nationwide Coverage $24.95 per month:

MP2 10 msgs 45 sec greeting and msg length, 24 hour retention $3.00 per month
MP1 15 msgs 60 sec greeting and msg length, 72 hour retention $4.00

800 Number