Numeric Pagers for Efficient, Fast Communication

All Page offers a variety of numeric pagers for your local, state, or nationwide needs! Take advantage of models like the Unication NP88 Numeric Pager for reliable, lightweight communication.

Unication NP88 Numeric Pager

Make Communication Fast, Efficient and Versatile

Numeric pagers are the most basic type of pager, but this doesn’t mean that they provide anything less than exceptional communication solutions. In fact, through their versatility, affordability they have become widespread. This model of pagers are a common communication solution that is consistently in high demand.

Top Recommendation: The Unication NP88 Numeric Pager

Featuring a compact, lightweight design, the Unication NP88 Numeric Pager is a top-rated option that offers the best of reliability and affordability. By utilizing this pager in your professional or personal life, you can stay connected through its range of features, including:

  • Design – The rugged yet stylish design promises durability without taking up unnecessary space. As a result, you can keep this pager on you comfortably without having to compromise functionality for space. The best part? The Unication NP88 Numeric Pager feels great to the touch.
  • Functionality – Outstanding design doesn’t mean having to compromise on functionality when you choose the NP88. Instead, you receive a device that integrates with your day-to-day activities, helping you accomplish more.
  • Usability – With a backlit display, using this device is as enjoyable and functional as possible. There’s no struggling to see numbers as they come across. Instead, you can see the information you need, and fast!

A Top Solution for Modern Pager Needs

Not only does the Unication NP88 Pager feature serious design and functionality benefits, but it is also well on its way toward replacing all existing Motorola numeric pagers. This is because as of 2000, Motorola no longer makes pagers. This means that if you’re looking to purchase a Motorola pager today, you’re getting old, refurbished models. With repair parts becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, the best way to protect your investment is to purchase a new pager like the Unication NP88.

All Page Has the Pagers and Service You Need

When you’re looking for pagers that are easy to use, affordable and ready to go, All Page has your solution. With premier pagers to choose from like the Unication NP88, you can count on our company for the reliable service and quality products you need to stay in touch.

Compare our coverage and service and see why we’re the best in the industry! If you have any questions, feel free to Email or contact us Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM CST at 800-777-7182. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Numeric Pager Airtime Coverage / Price
Local Cover a local Metro area $12.95
Statewide Cover a Statewide area $17.95
Nationwide Nationwide Coverage $34.95
  • Unlimited messaages.
  • 200 messages included with Nationwide Coverage.
  • Above airtime and options pricing are monthly rates.
  • Airtime is billed quarterly in advance after the first month.
You May Add One Of Two Voice Mail Options
MP2 Save up to 10 messages of up to 45 seconds for up to 24 hours $3.00
MP1 Save up to 15 messages of up to 60 seconds for up to 72 hours $4.00
  • Above airtime and options pricing are monthly rates.
  • Airtime is billed quarterly in advance.
800 Number
  • Decide if you want a local or 800 toll free number for people to call you.
  • The 800 number is $12.00 additional. 200 Calls per month included.
  • 30 cents per call over 200 calls.

Purchase A Brand New NP88 Numeric Pager for Just $39.00

 Unication NP88 $39.00

Check Our Coverage Map For Coverage In Your Area.

Pagers must be purchased with Airtime Service

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Airtime (must be purchased with pager)

Local Airtime $12.95 per month
Statewide Airtime $18.95 per month
Nationwide Airtime $24.95 per month

You May Add One Of Two Voice Mail Options