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Local, State or Nationwide Alphanumeric Paging Service, When You Want A Text Message

Alphanumeric Pagers for Enhanced Communication

Alphanumeric Pagers elevates traditional pagers to the next level, delivering advanced messaging solutions for your business. With options like the New Advisor Elite with All Page's exceptional service, your perfect professional or personal pager solution has arrived.

Alphanumeric pagers

Alpha EliteII Pager

New Elite II Alphanumeric Pager

Purchase A Brand New Elite II Alphanumeric Pager for Just $69.00

The new Alpha EliteTM incorporates all of the most-loved features of the Motorola Elite and transforms it to the next level. As a device from trusted brand Unication, when you choose this pager you will receive more than just the basics of what you expect. Instead, you will receive text messages, emails and alerts, all delivered directly to you.

So, what other features does the Unication Alpha Elite Pager have to offer? Quite a few, including:

Adjustable Display - You can adjust the display to meet your unique needs. This allows you to use the 4 line display or zoom in to an enlarged 2 line display.

User Changeable Alerting Tones.

Loud 80 dB Alert Tome SPL.

Superior In-Building Paging Coverage

Total Coverage - No matter where you are. When combined with All Page's exceptional pager coverage area, you'll never have to worry about spotty connectivity again.

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Alpha Elite Pager

How About a Refurbished Unication Advisor EliteII?

Purchase the Unication Alpha EliteII Alphanumeric Pager for only $39.95!

The Unication Advisor EliteII is an updated newer version of the Motorola Elite text pager. It has been completely refurbished by a factory authorized repair center! This pager has a wonderful look and feel. Select either 4 line display or zoom to an enlarged 2 line display.

Text messages can be sent to you from your answering service, computer software or even email. It can also be paged with a regular telephone number only.

You'll like this refurbished Unication alphanumeric pager! It carries a six month replacement warrenty against normal wear and tear from All Page.

Motorola Elite Pager

Want a Refurbished Motorola Advisor Elite?

Purchase the Motorola Alpha Elite Alphanumeric Pager for only $29.95!

The Motorola Advisor Elite is a good refurbished text pager. Completely refurbished with a new case!

This pager has a wonderful look and feel. Select either 4 line display or zoom to an enlarged 2 line display.

Text messages can be sent to you from your answering service, computer software or even email. It can also be paged with a regular telephone number only.

You'll like this refurbished Motorola alphanumeric pager! It carries a six month replacement warrenty against normal wear and tear from All Page.

Purchase An Alphanumeric Pager Now

Check Our Coverage Map For Coverage In Your Area.

Pagers must be purchased with Airtime Service

Purchase Pager

Brand New EliteII Alphanumeric Pager $69.00
Refurbished Unication Alpha EliteII Alphanumeric Pager $39.95
Refurbished Motorola Alpha Elite Alphanumeric Pager $29.95
Airtime (must be purchased with pager)
Local Airtime $18.95 per month (Provides Statewide coverage in 42 States. Check your State map for locations)
Statewide Airtime $24.95 per month (only required in 8 States, CA,TX,NY,DE,FL,NJ,OH,PA)
Nationwide Airtime $38.95 per month
You May Add One Of Two Voice Mail Options
MP2 Voice Mail $3.00 per month Save up to 10 messages of up to 45 seconds for up to 24 hours
MP1 Voice Mail $4.00 per month save up to 15 messages of up to 60 secondsfor up to 72 hours
Desire An 800 Number?
800 Number $12.00 per month additional

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

General Information

  • Statewide Coverage only required in the States of CA,TX,NY,DE,FL,NJ,OH,PA.
  • Unlimited messages with Local and Statewide Coverage.
  • 200 messages included with Nationwide Coverage.
  • Airtime and options pricing are monthly rates.
  • Airtime is billed quarterly in advance after the first month.
  • 25 cents per message over 200 messages per month on Nationwide Coverage.
  • Decide if you want a local or 800 toll free number for people to call you.
  • The 800 number is payphone blocked and $12.00 additional. The caller can only enter their telephone number.

All Page Has the Pagers and Service You Need

When you're looking for pagers that are easy to use, affordable and ready to go, All Page has your solution. With premier pagers to choose from, you can count on our company for the reliable service and quality products you need to stay in touch.

Compare our coverage and service and see why we're the best in the industry! If you have any questions, feel free to Email or contact us Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM CST at 800-777-7182 or 281-847-0000. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Customer Testimonials

By Dan

Verified Purchase

I recieved my new pager today and it was activated and had the number on a sticker on the pager, and also included way all the instructions needed and the user guide for the pager. I have to be in contact 24hrs a day and as a funeral director it is VERY important that I have a good pager. I am looking forward to having a great working relationship with ALL Page, keep up the great work All Page!!!

By Scott

Verified Purchase

kudos to all page, quick, no nonsense service that delivers as promised, great coverage also. I will recommend them to others.

By Marla Wyman - BOP

Verified Purchase

I have only great things to say about All Page of Houston. With our old pager service, I was sending pagers back for repair every week. And dealing with 26+ pagers, that became a true hassle. Then I found All Page. I believe it's been almost 2 years with this great hassle-free company and their excellent customer service! Thanks All Page and thank YOU Dolores.

By Ivan I

Verified Purchase

I swear i should have checked BBB first when i bought my 1st pager from Bxxpers.com! It didnt even have a number when i got it in the mail. Finally shopped around some more and found ALLPAGE and checked it against BBB. My pager came in great condition,with battery,with number,and working great.I use to read comments like this and thought they were fake,but now im writing one because its great when a company does the right thing.I will be passing the word to my co workers. THANKS ALLPAGE!

By Chris

Verified Purchase

My experience with All Page has been wonderful. The customer service is outstanding and the service works nicely. I have used other service providers in the past, but All Page clearly stands out as an exceptional business partner. If you are looking for a customer-oriented service provider that will put your needs first, I highly recommend All Page.

By Nathan F. on

Verified Purchase

I placed the order online on Thursday night and contacted them late afternoon on Friday to verify all order details were received correctly. I was greeted promptly by friendly staff who confirmed all was correct. On Tuesday the device arrived with a battery already installed. The pager had a label affixed which indicated the pager number. The time and date were set correctly and the page history showed the device had been tested prior to being sent. This certainly shows attention to detail on their end. Thus far I have been very pleased with coverage and building penetration; this pager works flawlessly in areas where there is no cell service. The coverage map is accurate. Zero complaints with service and I would certainly recommend it to friends. NP88, Statewide Coverage.

By Tracey

Verified Purchase

I have had a fabulousssss experience with All Page. Dolores has gone above and beyond. I would recommend this company to all interested in a pager. Many Thanks Dolores for all your help and kindness!

By Ken E.

Verified Purchase

In Friendswood Texas during Hurricane Ike we lost all power and cellular phone service for several days. I was able to communicate by email to my wife and let her know my son and I were ok. All my neighbors phones had no signal regardless the carrier and were dead in the water but my pager had signal to spare and worked great! Thanks Allpage.

All Page of Houston, Inc. BBB Business Review
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