All Page: Numeric, Alphanumeric & Two Way Pagers for Local, State or Nationwide Paging

Local, State or Nationwide Paging: ShippingAll Page is the largest pager reseller in Texas. We are one of the top five resellers of pagers in the United States. Numeric, alphanumeric pagers!

New Alpha Elite Alphanumeric Pager New NP88 Numeric Pager New Messenger M90 Two Way Pager by Unication

Numeric Pager

Numeric Pager Unication NP88 Numeric Pager

New Unication NP88 Numeric Pager Check Out The Unication NP88, For A Simple, Reliable, Basic Numeric Pager That Works! Strong and Durable! Sold in Basic Black


Alpha-Numeric Pager

Alpha-Numeric Pager Unication Alpha Elite

One Great replacement for the Motorola Advisor Elite Pager. This Alpha Elite pager is Brand New and ready to go! Excellent easy to read screen that you will Love..


Two-Way Pager

Two-Way Pager M90 Two Way Pager

Brand New M90 Two Way Pager replaces the Motorola T900! Protect your pager investment by buying a new pager.



All Page: Numeric, Alphanumeric & Two Way Pagers for Local, State or Nationwide Paging

All Page is a leading provider of pagers for business professionals. For over 20 years, we have been the “go to” vendor for thousands of people. All-Page features the fastest and most reliable communication networks in the country. Why have a Pager or Beeper? Because they are reliable, inexpensive and easy to use.

Unlike cell phones, pagers work inside of buildings. They are also less expensive. Plus, you don't have to charge it every night. Whether you are traveling, working, or inside an elevator, you can count on an All Page pager to be working 24/7/365. We stock alphanumeric, numeric pagers from Motorola, Unication and others.

Why All Page?

All Page has the highest quality pagers at the lowest prices with the best service. We also provide local paging numbers in most major cities throughout the United States. Plus, we work with everyone including doctors, lawyers, hospitals, plumbers, real estate agents, homebuilders along with those non-professionals who want to keep in touch with family and friends.

Wherever you go, we keep you in touch with our local, statewide, regional or nationwide coverage pager plans. Our rates are reasonable, our service cannot be beat and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

All Page Pager Services

Unlike other providers, All Page pager service continues long after the initial sale. Need advice on accessing voice-mail? Need to switch models? Not a problem, we are here 24 hours per day. And if your pager needs repair, we'll get you an exchange right away. Unlike other paging providors we do not charge you when you have questions about your pager or pager service.

Questions? Contact us or Call 1-800-777-7182 now. Ready to get started? Take a look at our selection of pagers and coverage.